Investment Management

Asset Management

Management Consultancy

  • Redevelopment of an industrial area with a new construction project for 15,000 square meters of offices in Milan.

  • Activities carried out by ADIM Partners:
    strategic and development management with the role of managing director of the company vehicle.
  • Cassina Plaza Business Park: 42,000 sqm of offices partially leased to prime Corporates for about € 4 million of annual rental income

  • ADIM Partners role:
    • Global Asset Management.
    • Sole liquidator of the 4 SPVs owners of the properties.
    • Management of the debt restructuring process.
  • Estate with agriculture and tourism destination in Tuscany of 2,000 ha.

  • Activities carried out by ADIM Partners:
  • definition of the valorisation strategy of the property for the confirmation of the asset value before its purchasing
  • definition and coordination of the feasibility study for the realisation of a biomass plant (1 MW).